About Longview, TX

Home to over 80,000 residents, Longview, TX is the principal city of Gregg, Upshur, and Rusk counties.  The area is home to several large businesses like Eastman Chemical and Trinity Rail Group.  LeTourneau University, Kilgore College, and the University of Texas at Tyler provide a foundation of students and skilled workers to the area.

The city has one interstate freeway and two highways running through it which means it’s vital to the transportation industry.  Goods travelling across the state and country frequently pass through Longview.  It’s this accessibility that helps the city flourish, especially when it comes to the East Texas Oil Field.  Among the prosperous industries in the area, residents can still find themselves in economic hardship.  Specific areas of the economy can fluctuate with supply and demand.  In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why loan companies service Longview.

Payday Cash Loans in East Texas

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